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Use Case:
Partner Experience



Mastercard wished to create a best-in-class developer experience for onboarding partners to their APIs. They required an easily accessible Sandbox that accurately simulated their live APIs to enable effective exploration, experimentation, and testing.


Their existing solution did not offer the dynamic testing or user-experience they required for their partners.


Ostia delivered a cloud-based API Sandbox based on Mastercard’s API Swaggers that provides a dynamic testing environment in a matter of weeks.

The Sandbox offers:


  • Exact simulation of the APIs being used and the creation of a data model 

  • Error processing that exactly replicates production APIs

  • Configuration for payload validation

  • Ability to create any type of negative test

  • Contextual management of API calls to test the full business process


Mastercard’s partners can now quickly and easily establish their software’s compatibility with Mastercard’s APIs. The partners also retain these comprehensive testing capabilities on an ongoing basis for any updates in their software. 

Each partner can access a separate sandbox to optimise their user experience and ensure the integrity of the environment - which also eliminates Mastercard’s exposure to operational and reputational risk/damage during the testing phase.

45 Days

Delivery Time




Operational Risk

"We were looking for a best in class experience for on-boarding our partners. We found it with Ostia."

X, Y, Mastercard

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