Meet the team

Behind Asset Reality is a team of top-tier technology experts, ex-law enforcement officials, and private-sector asset recovery experts.

Aidan Larkin
Co-founder & CEO
World's First Crypto Auctioneer
Associate Fellow at CFCS RUSI
Asset Management Consultant UNODC

Expertise: High-profile Asset Seizures
Previously: HMRC, Wilsons Auctions
Hugo Hoyland
Chief Strategy Officer
Co-founder of Kroll's Digital Assets Practice
Experienced Asset Recovery Practitioner

Expertise: Blockchain intelligence
Previously: Kroll
Joanna Summers
Senior Vice President - Client Excellence
Instrumental in sale of the Silk Road Bitcoins
Creator of USMS Cryptocurrency program

Expertise: High-profile crypto forfeitures
Previously: US Marshals Service
Thomas J. Abernathy III
Senior Vice President - Government Affairs
Former USMS Assistant Chief Inspector
US Rep for CARIN
Instrumental in Creation of ARIN-CARIB

Expertise: International asset management
Previously: US Marshals Service
Connor Filley
Chief Operating Officer
Business Development Specialist
Operational Efficiency Advisor

Expertise: Emerging Workplace Technology
Previously: Uber, Concannon, Para
John Valkovci
Senior Vice President - Learning & Development
Former Assistant US Attorney
Associate Professor of Cybersecurity

Expertise: Cybersecurity Education
Previously: AUSA, CI2, St Francis University
Matthew Denyer
Chief Technology Officer
Accomplished Computer Scientist
Aerospace Technology Pioneer

Expertise: Fintech Trading Platforms
Previously: ESA, Rabobank, Fidessa
Lynette Mapp
Head of Legal
Experienced regulatory payments counsel
International Licensing Specialist

Expertise: Emerging Payment Services
Previously: Paysafe, BVNK
Chris Tyrer
Board Advisor
Former Head of Europe at Fidelity
Commodities Trading Specialist

Expertise: Digital Asset Trading
Previously: Fidelity Digital Assets, Barclays
Nick Furneaux
Co-founder & Board Advisor
TRM Labs Blockchain Intelligence Expert
Author of 'Investigating Cryptocurrencies'

Expertise: Blockchain Intelligence
Previously: CSITech, Bright Forensics

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Government and Law Enforcement Agencies: make your seized asset management simpler, more effective and more impactful.

Lawyers, Investigators, and Insolvency Practitioners: secure assets, hold funds in escrow, and maximise returns for victims and creditors.