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Operation Archangel

Inside 4-weeks, we will train and support your law enforcement agency

to resolve stolen digital assets for pre-approved victims

Operation Archangel is Crypto Fraud Training

Developed by law enforcement for law enforcement

Operation Archangel is an 4-week practically applied training program to support Law Enforcement to be effective in the recovery of stolen digital assets.

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John Valkovci
Vice President of Training

Jonathan Williams
Chief Investigations Officer

Terry Davies
Chief of Victims Division

Shannon Eastman
Chief of Client Solutions

Led by John Valkocvi, supported by Jonathan Williams and Shannon Eastman, Operation Archangel will leverage our collective expertise, resources and forensics analysis of current victim cases, to work with LEAs in order to expedite the successful resolution of stolen digital assets.



Instances of crypto fraud and scams are increasing at an exponential rate.  


Many times victims of crypto fraud “fall between the cracks” because enforcement agencies lack the expertise and resources to navigate and investigate the world of cryptocurrencies.  


OA is specifically designed to provide concise, expert training, guidance, and resources to all levels of law enforcement to navigate and investigate the world of cryptocurrencies and work directly with victims.


Our team of world leading asset recovery professionals have more than 250 years of combined experience in investigating, prosecuting, and recovering assets and working with victims of fraud.

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Operation Archangel (The OA) is a vision to make us safe online again. 


The OA exists to support victims of stolen digital assets recover those assets while equipping ever increasing numbers of Law Enforcement Agencies to be better able to combat criminal activity in a digital world. 


Operation Archangel is experienced by LEA inside an 8 week program through a combination of self directed learning 8 lessons x 15 minutes per lesson, a  select group of victims with forensic analysis complete, alongside hands-on support from the world’s most qualified and leading experts and practitioners available today.




  • Onboarding and Victim Allocation

  • 2-Hr Learning

  • Live Q&A with John Valkovci



  • Applied learning

  • Live Q&A with John Valkovci 



  • Seize, Manage, Recovery with support from Asset Reality available throughout



  • Debrief

  • Analysis

  • Resolution

Earn your certification as a Certified Crypto Fraud Investigator  “CCFI.”

What does it cost?

These 4-weeks are complementary to your LEA. It is our intention to engage your LEA officers in an interview pre, during and post these 4-weeks to gather intel we can use to upgrade and improve Operation Archangel in preparation for its second iteration.  


Research Interviews are expected to be 30-minutes in length and take place pre-during-post this operation. These interviews are video based and accompanied by a 6 question survey to complete at the end of the 4-weeks.  Interviews are conducted by John Valkovci and Shannon Eastman with one of your LE Agents at a time. 

When does it start?

JV to confirm start stop dates - and is it 8 weeks?

Meet your professor

John Valkovci will be your Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Where and how
do I consume the training?

Training Content is self-directed, accessed online and includes downloadable, printable artefacts to support each 15 minute training video and use in … your job. 


There are 8 training videos in total. 

Each video is approximately 15-minutes in length.

How do I start?

Call or email John Valkovci to participate in Operation Archangel.

What will I get from this?

An opportunity to learn, train and apply newly acquired skills at the forefront of digital crime.

You will be learning from the world’s leading crypto crime practitioners, all former LEA to be most effective at seizing, managing and recovering stolen digital assets. 


Inside 8 weeks, you will receive cutting edge skills, knowledge and hands-on experience with actual victims who have reported their crime to Asset Reality in order to receive a Formal Analysis Report - court ready evidence artefacts that LEA can use to support in the recovery of those stolen assets.


At the end of our 4 weeks, your LEA will have:


Experience working in digital crime scenes


Contribute to resolutions for victims of stolen digital assets


Understand how to seize, manage and recover stolen digital assets


Gain insights on the world's next wave of criminal activities and how best to combat these unlawful actors

For more information, please schedule a call with:

John Valkovci

Head of Learning


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