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5SAH Webinar: Reacting to International Restraint Orders

On the 16th of June, Aidan Larkin (Co-founder and CEO) will be on the panel for the 5SAH Webinar: Reacting to International Restraint Orders.

The panel will be discussing the different responses to Restraint Orders which cover assets outside the UK. They will be examining how these orders can be challenged and how they can be complied with, without the assets being repatriated; using a number of case studies to show how this works in practice.

Aidan will be on the panel to discuss how assets can be managed in and outside the UK, in an acceptable way to these Restraint Orders on both prosecution and defence sides. He will be joined by Andrew Bird QC and Barnaby Hone, barristers from 5SAH Chambers and experts in relation to all aspects of Proceeds of Crime law. For many years Andrew has been a specialist in criminal confiscation, including restraint, receivership and other enforcement. Barnaby Hone is a barrister with specialist expertise in all types of asset recovery and financial crime.

5 St Andrew’s Hill has an expert team of barristers who specialise in asset recovery law. They are at the forefront of new UK legislation in the field of asset recovery and have a strong record of dealing with asset recovery, asset reunification and confiscation work, both domestic and international.

Aidan Larkin (Co-founder and CEO) comments:

“Whether it’s being lawfully audacious or simply identifying the path of least resistance to a successful recovery situation - understanding the different approaches when dealing with Restraint Orders is key. I’m delighted to be sharing the virtual stage with this incredibly experienced panel and looking forward to debating and discussing this important topic.”

The webinar will take place on Zoom on 16th June at 5:30pm UK time. You can register using this link.

If you would like to know more about how assets can be managed in and outside the UK, contact

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