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5th Global Conference on Criminal Finances & Cryptocurrencies - Demystifying Crypto Asset Recovery

Updated: Feb 24

As cryptocurrency seizures become more common around the world, law enforcement and asset recovery professionals need to capitalise on the opportunities presented by this rapidly evolving sector.

Asset Reality’s Co-Founder & CEO Aidan Larkin will be speaking at the 5th Global Conference on Criminal Finances and Cryptocurrencies, organised by the Basel Institute on Governance, INTERPOL and Europol. He’ll be discussing the ways that law enforcement can embrace crypto asset recovery to dramatically increase their overall asset recovery performance for the benefit of the government, victims and wider society. Aidan will be using international best practices and case studies to highlight the ‘art of the possible’ in the future of asset recovery.

The free annual cryptocurrency conference gathers experts, investigators and law enforcement representatives from across the world to discuss the international best practices for investigating and prosecuting crimes involving virtual assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs. Its aim is to create a network of upskilled practitioners and experts who can provide assistance and recommendations to increase the financial crime prevention community’s overall capabilities to deal with illicit financial flows.

This year’s event is being hosted virtually by the Basel Institute through its International Centre for Asset Recovery. Founded in 2006, the centre is a specialised division of the institute dedicated to supporting the efforts of developing countries to improve their abilities to recover stolen assets. They focus on providing hands-on training and advice using an extensive network of both local and international practitioners.

Aidan had this to say ahead of the event:

“Crypto asset recovery gives us the blueprint to improve overall asset recovery performance for the benefit of governments, victims and wider society. It's important that we raise awareness of the art of the possible in this rapidly evolving sector.”

The event takes place on 7 - 8th December. Whilst the second day is restricted to law enforcement professionals, the first day is free to the public.

5th Global Conference on Criminal Finances and Cryptocurrencies

Date: 7th - 8th December

Time: 12:00 - 15:30 GMT

You can register for tickets here:

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