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ARIN-EA AGM: Fighting Corruption Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Feb 24

Our Co-Founder & CEO Aidan Larkin was invited to speak at the 6th Annual General Meeting of the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for East Africa (ARIN-EA) on 16th March in Naivasha, Kenya. He provided virtual training to attendees on digital assets like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

He spoke about how these assets impact the recovery process internationally and provided best practices from countries around the world as examples of this. He also discussed the problems with improving the recovery and management of both physical and virtual assets in developing countries, particularly when dealing with complex assets like crypto. Aidan commented after the event:

“We’re delighted to be continuing our support to organisations such as ARIN- EA to improve Asset Recovery across Africa. We’re proud to support programmes that tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by improving asset management and dealing with complex assets like cryptocurrency.”

Established in 2013, ARIN-EA is an informal network that is focused on the exchange of information on individuals, assets and companies at both the regional and international level to help facilitate the effective trading and recovery of illicit financial flows that are proceeds of crime.

They are the first network of its kind in the region to tackle the proceeds of all crime, allowing them to deprive criminals of their illegally acquired wealth. They recognise the pressing need for collaboration and cooperation between regional and international bodies to allow for the effective tracking and recovery of stolen assets within and beyond the territorial boundaries of Eastern Africa.

Their main aim is to become a world-class centre of expertise on all matters of tracing and recovery for the proceeds of crime by promoting the transfer of knowledge between members - helping them to become more effective in their efforts to recover illicit funds around the world. ARIN-EA member states include:

  • Burundi

  • Djibouti

  • Ethiopia

  • Kenya

  • Rwanda

  • South Sudan

  • Tanzania

  • Uganda ‍

If you would like to know more about the effectiveness of asset recovery, contact For press enquiries, contact

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