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Asset Reality Appointed by Anti-Corruption Commission in the Seychelles

Asset Reality has been chosen by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles to provide services to the law enforcement agencies on the island. We’ll be supporting their efforts and implementing solutions to help the country build on the excellent work that is already being done. Many smaller island jurisdictions like the Seychelles find it difficult to balance the economic opportunities brought by embracing the crypto ecosystem against the need to tackle illicit crypto, especially against the backdrop of corruption. The work being carried out by the various law enforcement agencies on the island is invaluable in the fight against financial crime. Our Co-Founder & CEO, Aidan Larkin, is delighted with the new appointment: “Getting to work in the Seychelles for the second time in a month is a real treat. Not just because of the spectacular location, but getting to work with the dedicated officers of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Financial Intelligence Unit and Financial Crimes Investigation Unit is a privilege. I’m thrilled to report that Asset Reality has been chosen to provide services to the agencies to support their efforts and implement solutions that will help the country to continue to build on the excellent work already being done. Looking forward to continuing our collaboration with the other partners and consultants on the island - all working to achieve a common goal and implement international best practice. Onwards and upwards.”

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles has been investigating corruption in the island jurisdiction since 2016. As a completely neutral and independent body, they can freely conduct enquiries into allegations of corruption without the oversight or control of any person or authority. As well as their investigations, they also regularly review the country’s anti-corruption regulations and submit implementation recommendations to the President. The body aims to raise awareness of their work and promote the values of honesty and integrity among the island’s people to help prevent the future spread of corruption. To reach this aim, they organise seminars, symposiums and workshops, develop educational programs in collaboration with the media and research the various causes of corruption in their jurisdiction to implement tailored solutions.

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