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Asset Reality & Chainalysis Partner With Grant Thornton to Offer Pioneering Solution

From seizure to sale, seized cryptocurrency assets are yet to have a streamlined professional process. As cryptocurrency gains prevalence in today’s society, the need for a comprehensive way to resolve crypto disputes is growing steadily.

Asset Reality is teaming up with Chainalysis and Grant Thornton to create a ground-breaking end-to-end solution for simultaneously investigating, managing and resolving disputes involving seized cryptocurrency assets.

Grant Thornton is the largest dedicated contentious insolvency team in the UK with a sole focus on asset recovery. Although the crypto space has always been dominated by Tech and Analytical companies, Asset Reality is thrilled that established asset recovery practitioners such as Grant Thornton are now entering this industry to help victims and creditors recover their funds.

This new initiative will be spearheaded at Grant Thornton by Insolvency and Asset Recovery director Carmel King and Digital Forensic Group partner Vijay Rathour, combining their teams’ expertise in both asset recovery and forensic investigations.

Speaking ahead of the launch event; Aidan Larkin, Co-Founder & CEO of Asset Reality, commented:

“We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Grant Thornton and Chainalysis in providing this essential service to make crypto asset recovery more effective. It’s a personal privilege for our work in this sector to be acknowledged by working with partners of this calibre to deliver solutions for victims and creditors in crypto asset recovery cases.”

Carmel King, IAR Director at Grant Thornton had this to say:

“This offering can help victims of fraud and their professional advisers overcome many of the barriers to a successful investigation and asset recovery where crypto assets are involved. From the application of corporate intelligence and analysis in the real and crypto worlds, to coordinating multi-jurisdictional actions, to funding, and the secure management and realisation of cryptoassets, we can assist with this complex and increasingly significant practice area.”

Gurvais Grigg, Global Public Sector CTO of Chainalysis, adds his thoughts:

“Chainalysis is dedicated to building trust in digital assets, and that means leveraging the transparency of cryptocurrency to detect and investigate illicit activity. As our partners at government agencies become more successful in rooting out bad actors, assisting them with asset recovery and realization is a natural next step. Together with Grant Thornton and Asset Reality, we will provide an end-to-end solution to handle, store, realize, and monitor seized crypto assets.”

Both Asset Reality and Grant Thornton are founding members of the recently established Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery Network (CFAAR), which aims to become a valuable resource for sensible advice in relation to crypto dispute resolution and the recovery of crypto assets. You can read more about this network here.

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