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Asset Reality Appointed by Belgian Authorities

Updated: Feb 24

As digital asset trading gains more prevalence in society, it presents a unique new challenge for law enforcement agencies, asset recovery practitioners and regulatory bodies in both the public and private sector.

We’ve been appointed by the Belgian authorities to provide comprehensive management services for seized crypto assets. We’ll be working closely with law enforcement agencies, public prosecutors and investigating judges across Belgium to improve their asset management capabilities and mitigate risk.

Alongside one of our digital custodian partners, Digivault, our team of experienced crypto practitioners will be using our bespoke platform to provide recovery, storage and management services for seized digital assets like cryptocurrency, NFTS and other virtual investments. The platform was custom-built to provide the world’s first end-to-end solution for investigating, recovering, managing and selling these complex assets.

It will allow investigators to save time, reduce risk and dramatically increase the revenue from the sales of seized assets. Since this money funds local communities, schools and hospitals, it’s never been more important to work alongside the authorities to provide better results for victims and creditors.

Since announcing our partnership with Digivault in November 2021, we’ve been working hard to make crypto safe for everyone. Together, we have been engaging with government and law enforcement agencies globally; utilizing international best practices and the expertise and experience of crypto recovery professionals across the world to implement new standards and benchmarks so they can capitalize on the financial opportunities that crypto provides.

Digivault is the industry’s first standalone FCA registered custodian of digital assets. Their platform combines multiple layers of security to give their clients the best possible protection. They work hard with regulators to implement new industry standards and benchmarks in safeguarding digital assets. They are a part of the Nasdaq listed EQONEX Group, which aims to become a bridge between traditional financial institutions and the cryptocurrency sphere with a focus on governance and fair regulation.

Speaking about the new appointment, Asset Reality’s co-founder & CEO, Aidan Larkin said:

“Asset Reality and our custody partner Digivault are delighted to provide crypto services to Belgian law enforcement agencies, public prosecutors and investigating judges. As asset seizures involving crypto assets continue to increase, it is vital that agencies have the infrastructure in place to recover, store and realize these assets in a transparent, responsible and insured way. "

"Acting as a seized asset coordinator, Asset Reality has built a platform that connects users with a full range of crypto asset recovery services; from reporting and investing fraud involving crypto assets through to finding suitable custodians and converting/auctioning off seized crypto.”

Digivault CEO Robert Coope had this to add:

“Digivault’s core mission is to deliver a custody solution that removes a lot of the risk, technical headaches and ultimately stress of holding cryptocurrencies for our broad range of clients. But for our public sector clients, we have been even more cognisant of their need for the highest possible standards of governance, accreditations, and assurance."

"By building to their exacting standards, our entire client base benefits. We are proud of the work we do to help our clients to safely participate in the crypto opportunity, but we are particularly proud of the role we play alongside Asset Reality to support governments and agencies to safeguard the industry more broadly.”

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