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Asset Reality is an Official Sponsor for Asset Recovery International 2022

Updated: Feb 24

Asset Reality is proud to be sponsoring this year’s Asset Recovery International conference at the Conrad Hotel in Dublin on 11 - 13 May 2022. The conference aims to help attendees understand the changing world of asset recovery amidst the rise of cryptocurrency and other virtual assets like NFTs. The Asset Recovery International conference brings together fraud litigation and insolvency experts from across the globe to share their experiences of the many challenges seen throughout the whole asset recovery world. Practitioners from more than 25 countries and jurisdictions will be highlighting the various solutions they’ve discovered to tackle these problems. Each of the speakers has been chosen carefully by an independent advisory board to ensure the event provides a well-crafted and impartial program, focused on the newest trends and developments in the industry. Our Co-Founder & CEO, Aidan Larkin, will also be joining one of the event’s many discussion panels to talk about the basics of crypto asset recovery and management. They’ll be covering what qualifies as a crypto asset, how they can be bought and sold, how to hold and manage their storage and the practical ways these virtual assets can be enforced against. The panel takes place on May 12th at 4:00PM GMT. Aidan will be joined on the panel by:

- Charles Kerrigan, a partner from CMS UK

- Iain Quick QC, a Barrister from Essex Court

- James Drury, Director of Kalo Advisors (BVI)

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