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Asset Reality is Proud to Sponsor the Annual Proceeds of Crime Lawyers'​ Association Dinner

Asset Reality is proud to have co-sponsored this year’s annual dinner for the Proceeds of Crime Lawyers’ Association (POCLA) alongside Davidsons Forensic Accountants and Sedulo Forensic Accountants. Each year, the dinner brings together a number of legal professionals working in business crime to hear the latest trends affecting the industry; with this year’s event taking place at the headquarters of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in Portland Place, London.

Despite its prevalence in today’s criminal underworld, many of the lawyers working in the proceeds of crime still lack a proper understanding of cryptocurrency and its role in money laundering activities. Unfortunately, this unfamiliarity often means that they are unable to effectively prosecute or defend any cases involving crypto-related crimes in court.

The Proceeds of Crime Lawyers’ Association (POCLA) was created in 2008 to help promote collaboration between legal professionals working in the prevention of financial crimes. Through it’s yearly calendar of events, dinners and seminars, the governing committee encourages members to share their collective knowledge, training and experiences with each other.

The Asset Reality team was represented by our Cyber Risk & Investigations Officer, Kevin Hart, and our Special Projects Lead, Terry Davies. Kevin was delighted to have the opportunity to discuss crypto assets with many of those in attendance:

“Many of the people I spoke to were not shy to say they didn’t know much about the topic, and only a few of them had any previous exposure to legal cases involving crypto. Despite this, all of them acknowledged the popularity of cryptocurrency with consumers, agreeing that it was only a matter of time before it goes mainstream. The dinner was a wonderful chance to increase the crypto knowledge of many senior lawyers and others involved in proceeds of crime.” Likewise, Terry felt privileged to have been invited to the dinner:

“It was an honour for Asset Reality to co-sponsor last night's Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association dinner. The turnout was tremendous and it was a great opportunity for myself and Kevin Hart to discuss the current issues around proceeds of criminal conduct, particularly in the growing field of crypto assets, with such a diverse group of attendees ranging from barristers and judges to forensic accountants. Thanks to everyone who took the time to talk with us and for those we didn't manage to speak to, please check out our website or reach out to us.”

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