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Asset Reality Partners with Brandsmiths

Asset Reality and Chainalysis are proud to announce a new Partnership with the law firm Brandsmiths.

Their unique litigation capability recently won a landmark case confirming the status of crypto assets as property and they have helped a range of clients, particularly leading digital platform businesses, to make the most of their creative ideas and their most valuable assets. This new partnership aims to protect such clients, helping them to exercise their right to recovery in a field known for its complexity. It will seek to deliver a brand new service for the recovery of digital assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs all under one roof, giving clients peace of mind knowing that a single expert team is working together for a single goal.

As explained by our co-founder Aidan Larkin (Co-founder and CEO):

“Crypto assets present unique challenges when trying to recover and seize them and having an experienced network of professionals at each key stage of the process is vital. We are delighted to be working with partners who can deliver world-class solutions to help victims and creditors recover their funds”.

The founding partner of Brandsmiths, Adam Morallee comments:

“The general perception of crypto assets being harder to trace and recover than traditional currencies simply isn’t true. It’s our job to make that known and provide the solution.”

Cryptocurrency expert and Brandsmiths Associate, Matt Green comments:

“From trading scams and hacks to ransomware and fraud, cybercrime can take many forms. The common misconception is that victims cannot recover crypto assets because those committing the crimes are anonymous, and victims have to compile a fragmented team of individual experts to consider their case. Our partnership with Chainalysis and Asset Reality allows us to trace and identify illicit activity, and then freeze and recover crypto-assets all under one roof. This simplifies the process and gives clients peace of mind, knowing a single, tried and tested team is pushing in one direction”.

In Nov 20 we became partners with Chainalysis, the world’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency investigation and transaction monitoring solution. Their platform powers investigation, compliance and risk management tools that have been used to solve high-profile cyber crime cases and grow safe access to cryptocurrency.

Jason Bonds, Chainalysis’ Chief Revenue Officer said:

“As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, they will increasingly be used by good and bad actors alike. Chainalysis is dedicated to building trust in digital assets, and that means helping to detect and investigate illicit activity.”

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