Asset Reality partners with Digivault

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Louise Bryant
November 15, 2021

Asset Reality is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Digivault, a leading digital asset custody provider. Their expertise in this area will help us to achieve our mission to make crypto easier and fairer for everyone.

As cryptocurrencies and digital assets like NFTs continue to gain prevalence in society, the need for global law enforcement agencies to keep up with the rapid development has never been higher. The public and private sector are both struggling with the challenges of managing seized assets, particularly those of a complex nature like crypto. By combining the unique abilities of Asset Reality and companies like Digivault, we can continue to support law enforcement agencies and asset recovery professionals to gain better results for the victims and creditors.

Digivault is the industry’s first standalone FCA registered custodian of digital assets. Their platform combines multiple layers of security to give their clients the best possible protection. They work hard with regulators to implement new industry standards and benchmarks in safeguarding digital assets. They are a part of the Nasdaq listed EQONEX Group, which aims to become a bridge between traditional financial institutions and the cryptocurrency sphere with a focus on governance and fair regulation.

Speaking on the partnership, Asset Reality Co-Founder & CEO Aidan Larkin said: "The rapid development of the digital asset space has created unforeseen challenges for global law enforcement agencies; who are grappling with different levels of regulation, unscrupulous players and a community of new users who may be unaware of risks. Whilst blockchain analysis tools have helped build trust in blockchains, public and private sector clients are now struggling with managing seized assets like cryptocurrencies."

“It was through the lens of this emerging challenge we could see that a specific solution for the industry simply didn't exist. By combining our in-house experience in crypto investigations and asset forfeiture with strategic partnerships across industry leaders in investigations, analytics and custody, we are marching forward in Asset Reality's mission to make crypto safer and fairer. Partnering with companies like Digivault and benefitting from the expertise they bring to the table, makes our mission much easier".

Hugo Elliott (Asset Reality Co-Founder & CFO) added: "We seek out partners that share our ethos and focus, so together we can play a critical role in driving the industry forward. Digivault, as part of the EQONEX group, delivers a crucial component in our efforts to help victims of crime and law enforcers, and we are excited to extend our efforts to jointly educate and advocate for ways to enhance the industry."

Digivault CEO Robert Cooper commented: "Digital assets and the technology infrastructure that support it, represent tremendous opportunities for the financial industry and investors. We built our business to deliver on that opportunity by working with regulators to lift industry standards and set new benchmarks for security for our clients in storing their assets. This partnership with Asset Reality reflects our deep commitment to not only solving for security threats, but also working across the industry to provide solutions that can help victims of crime and law enforcement work through the recovery process with peace of mind."  

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