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Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for the Caribbean (ARIN-CARIB) Annual Meeting

Last week, our co-founder & CEO Aidan Larkin flew to the Cayman Islands to discuss crypto asset management with the members of the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for the Caribbean (ARIN-CARIB).

Those in attendance at the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa Georgetown enjoyed several days of panel discussions, success stories and jurisdictions updates that covered everything from recovering and managing crypto assets to the importance of international and cross-border cooperation.

After the first day took a look at the latest trends in Caribbean financial crime, the second day of the annual meeting began with a discussion on the need for domestic coordination by Elisabeth Lees, the former National Coordinator of the Cayman Islands Government Anti-Money Laundering Steering Group and co-founder of Claritas, a legal advice firm specialising in regulatory law and anti-money laundering compliance.

Aidan then took to the stage to launch the network’s new asset management project and delivered an informative presentation on the best practices of crypto asset management. He

discussed the current challenges being faced by international asset recovery professionals before stressing the need for better collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Aidan Larkin pictured on-stage with Elisabeth Lees

Aidan was delighted to be invited back to the Cayman islands:

“I’m thrilled to be supporting ARIN-CARIB and their mission to improve the recovery of complex assets in the Caribbean. As a practitioner, it’s really encouraging to see government agencies being so proactive in this space re investigation capabilities, modern custody solutions and helping victims of crime involving crypto. Everyone is facing similar challenges and this level of collaboration ensures best practices are shared, debated and implemented.”

After several updates from the organisation’s members, the annual meeting concluded with a report on the future of the ARIN-CARIB network as it heads into the new year.

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