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CFAAR - The World’s First Global Network for Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery Professionals

Updated: Feb 24

As crypto-related frauds continue to rise in scale and sophistication, the need for the legal industry to respond to cases robustly and effectively in this new area requires a joint approach that provides victims of fraud with the best possible means of redress.

The ‘Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery’ network will bring together some of the world's leading names in crypto fraud investigations and asset recovery. These professionals include lawyers, barristers and forensic accountants as well as corporate intelligence and asset recovery professionals. Through meeting regularly to discuss their practical experiences, the group will develop best practises for this rapidly evolving sector. By building the knowledge and experience in this area throughout the legal community, the UK and common law jurisdictions will be placed at the forefront of global crypto dispute resolution. The group aims to become a valuable resource for sensible advice in relation to crypto fraud and asset recovery, as well as an industry voice for insight and advocacy.

The CFAAR’s founding firms include the people behind the first crypto-related disputes before the English courts, as well as those actively involved in pioneering approaches to global crypto fraud investigations, forensics, advocacy and the tracing and recovery of crypto assets. These firms include:

  • Asset Reality

  • Essex Court Chambers

  • Grant Thornton

  • Osborne Clarke

  • Rahman Ravelli

  • RPC

  • Stewarts

  • Twenty Essex

The network is seeking other global professionals within the crypto sphere to join its inclusive community and gain opportunities for developing skills, ideas and similar networks across the globe through regular meetings, seminars, roundtables, conferences and social events.

Speaking on behalf of Asset Reality, Aidan Larkin (Co-Founder & CEO) commented:

“Asset Reality and their strategic investigations partner CSITech have been working extensively in the field of crypto asset recovery. We’re delighted to be joining such a prestigious lineup of other firms and agencies to share experiences. The different skill sets each firm will bring to the partnership form a common goal of being able to establish best practices."

"The UK is becoming a centre of excellence in dealing with crypto cases, from the lawyers to the forensic tracing companies. We're excited to be so involved in a new and evolving industry and look forward to welcoming other members and other experts to share practical experiences in crypto asset recovery cases.”

If you would like to know more about the CFAAR or our work in crypto-related frauds and asset recovery, contact

For press enquiries, contact

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