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Coinfirm: Crypto Crime Investigations Panel

Updated: Feb 24

A recent report from our partner Chainalysis showed that crypto related crime reached an all-time high during 2021, with fraudulent activity accounting for $14 Billion worth of blockchain transactions over the year. Will 2022 continue this trend or is change on the horizon? Our Co-Founder & CEO Aidan Larkin will be joining a panel of industry leading experts to discuss their collective insights on combating illicit financial flows. The panel is aimed at cryptocurrency businesses, regulators, law enforcement and financial institutions interested in helping the fight against financial crime. They’ll be covering:

  • Money Laundering

  • Terrorism Financing

  • Crypto Asset Recovery

This panel is the first in a new series from Coinfirm, focusing on investigating crypto crime trends. It takes place at 3pm on Wednesday January 26th and will be moderated by Stas Kulminski, Business Development Manager at Coinfirm. The panel guests include:

Roman Bieda, Head of Fraud Investigators at Coinfirm‍

Roman is a forensic specialist, working with law enforcement, corporations and agencies around the world on forensic investigations in a wide variety of crimes; from hacking and fraud to assault, child protection and terrorism. He’s led hundreds of investigations, including the famous Quadringa crypto case.

Matthew Leidlein, Director of Digital Asset Redemption

‍Matthew is a risk management specialist with an impressive track record. He’s led teams of brokers in the pits of the Chicago stock exchange at CBOE Global markets as well as a multitude of experience with the foreign exchange (forex) and cryptocurrency markets. He’s now the President of Big High Wall Capital, a brokerage and trading firm in Chicago as well as working as the Managing Director of Digital Asset Redemption, which provides financial solutions for cybersecurity professionals.

Aidan Larkin, Co-Founder & CEO of Asset Reality

As well as captaining our ship here at Asset Reality, Aidan is an experienced asset recovery practitioner & international seized asset manager. He’s been featured on TV and even became the world’s first-ever bitcoin auctioneer in 2019! Using his background in criminal investigations, Aidan supports the development of international asset recovery efforts, specializing in complex assets like cryptocurrency and virtual assets.

In 2020, he founded Asset Reality to build a solution to deal with seized assets in a more efficient way, enabling better compensation for victims, better funding for law enforcement and more funding for the public purse. In his spare time he sits on the board of directors for Sport Changes Life, helping the Irish-American charity create opportunities for young athletes. Register for the event on the Coinfirm event page.

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