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Compliance Time Podcast - Crypto Assets, Asset Recovery and More

Updated: Feb 24

In April our Co-Founder & CEO Aidan Larkin was invited as a guest speaker on the Compliance Time podcast. They discussed the connections between suspicious activity reports and asset recovery, what we can learn from crypto assets and do they provide a blueprint?

The Compliance Time podcast series features interviews with compliance experts and enthusiasts who are creators in this space and are contributing to the ever changing world of financial compliance, discussing new trends in AML, sanctions and fraud from a variety of expert viewpoints.

Aidan Larkin (Co-founder & CEO) reflects:

“The entire asset recovery ecosystem requires a more collaborative approach to help recover more value lost through criminal activity. It’s a pleasure to be able to share my personal experiences as a consultant and that of Asset Reality's, in how the blueprint for tackling financial crime and more public & private sector collaboration, already exists in how we’re tackling cryptocurrency crime. The more we can discuss and debate the different approaches, the closer we get to building solutions to the problems facing those fighting financial crime.“

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