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Dark Money Conference 2021: The Future of Asset Recovery

Updated: Feb 24

Ahead of his keynote address on 16th September at the Dark Money Conference 2021, Asset Reality Co-Founder & CEO Aidan Larkin sits down with Ray Blake, the host of The Dark Money Files podcast, to discuss the elements of financial crime that motivate him to continue working towards solutions, his financial crime highlights from the past year and the challenges the industry can expect in the coming years.

The Dark Money Conference 2021 is an annual event bringing together global leaders in the financial crime industry to discuss the solution to combating financial crime with a collaborative approach.

Experts from a wide range of sectors within the industry, including financial institutions, law enforcement, government bodies, non-profit organisations, investigative journalists, consultants and more, will be discussing their experiences and advice for this ever-expanding industry. The agenda boasts valuable content from over 30 industry experts and hours of masterclass training workshops across a number of the focus areas of financial crime.

The conference is hosted by FSCom; an award winning boutique consultancy that provides regulatory and compliance services to FinTech clients around the world; and The Dark Money Files Podcast; a podcast series explaining how criminal money enters the system to a non-technical audience.

Aidan’s keynote address, The Future of Asset Recovery, will discuss the changing world of asset recovery amidst the rise of cryptocurrency. The recent landmark crypto seizures in both the US and the UK are eclipsing the traditional proceeds of crime seizures, such as vehicles, real estate and luxury goods.

Can the methods being employed in crypto asset recovery be used as a blueprint to dramatically increase the returns for both victims and governments? What can we learn from our approach to the new avenue that could solve our historical financial crime and asset recovery issues? These questions and more will be answered during the second day of the conference.

The Dark Money Conference 2021 takes place on 15-17th September, with Aidan’s keynote address taking place at 11:15am on 16th September.

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