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Digital DNA 2021 - Crypto & Crime

Updated: Feb 24

Our Co-Founder & CEO Aidan Larkin will be speaking at this year’s Digital DNA event in Belfast on the 29th of September. He’ll be discussing the relationships between crime and cryptocurrency.

What happens if you’re the victim of cybercrime and your cryptocurrency gets stolen? What happens when their crypto assets are seized by law enforcement professionals? Is crypto really as risky as its reputation? Does crypto deserve the criticism it receives from politicians around the world?

Aidan will be exploring how tech startups like Asset Reality are helping both victims and governments in the fight back against cyber criminals and money laundering; making the world of cryptocurrency safer for everybody to ensure that crime does not pay.

Digital DNA is the biggest tech event in Northern Ireland. It brings together the leading Irish talent from all areas of the tech and business communities to discuss the challenges facing us in these modern times. They aim to encourage and support the growth of digital technology, with a strong focus on regional tech developments in Belfast.

The Digital DNA event takes place over 28-29th Sept 2021 at St Georges Market, Belfast. Aidan’s talk will be on Stage 2 at 2pm BST. You can purchase tickets using this link.

If you missed the event live, you can watch any of the talks in full after the event's conclusion on the Digital DNA Youtube Channel:

If you’d like to learn more about cryptocurrency and crime, contact

For press enquiries, contact

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