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GRC FinCrime Global: The Complex Web of Financial Crime

Updated: Feb 24

Financial crime continues to be a widespread problem internationally. With the recent rise of cryptocurrency and virtual assets like NFTs, criminals have more avenues than ever to launder their illicit funds; leaving law enforcement often struggling to keep up with the ever-changing climate of FinCrime.

The FinCrime Global event takes place over 27-28th October 2021. This free event boasts 2 days of talks from subject matter experts across both the public and private sector. The conference brings together over 3000 finance, banking and financial crime professionals to discuss the current challenges facing the financial crime prevention community and the recent advancements allowing the industry to fight more efficiently and effectively.

Asset Reality’s Co-Founder & CEO Aidan Larkin will be joining a panel of experts to discuss the complicated nature of modern international financial crime and the recent technological advancements providing challenges to law enforcement. The panel is sponsored by Exterro and Quantexa and will take place at 2pm BSTon the 27th.

Aidan will be joined on the panel by:

Nicholas Ryder, Professor in Financial Crime, University of the West of England

Gayatri Viswanath, Head of Financial Crime Compliance Training, Standard Chartered Bank

Paul Simmonds, CEO, The Global Identity Foundation

Mark Cheeseman, Deputy Director, Public Sector Fraud, Cabinet Office

Alexon Bell, Chief Product Officer, Quantexa

You can register for a free ticket using this link: ​​

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