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INSOL Europe Annual Congress 2022 - Back to the Future 2

Last weekend, INSOL Europe held their 40th annual conference in Dublin, Ireland. Our Co-Founder & CEO, Aidan Larkin, was invited to appear on the joint Insol Europe Insolvency Tech & Digital Assets Wing and Anti-Fraud Forum panel: ‘Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need (Silk) Roads! Cryptoassets and fraud - what the insolvency practitioner needs to know.’ Aidan was joined by Danielle Haston, the Head of Global Asset Management at our partner Chainalysis, to discuss their experiences of dealing with fraudulent crypto cases from investigation to the recovery of the stolen crypto assets.

They shared the great work we do here at Asset Reality and at our partner, Chainalysis, to get the best results for both victims and creditors - as well as everything the working insolvency practitioner needs to know to successfully operate amidst the unique challenges of the modern insolvency industry. The panel was led by Carmel King, Director at our partner Grant Thornton UK and José Carles of Carles Cuesta in Spain. Aidan was thrilled to be involved in the panel discussion: “I’m delighted to have been asked to join this fantastic panel and to travel to my beloved Ireland for a change! I’m happy to be sharing the stage with the familiar faces of Carmel King and Dani Haston, as well as working with José Carles for the first time, to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the insolvency industry when it comes to crypto asset recovery.” This congress marked the end of INSOL Europe’s 40th anniversary year and was the first in-person event they’ve had since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s ‘Back to the Future 2’ theme built upon the groundwork laid by the 2021 event, choosing to focus on the implementation of the EU directive on Restructuring and Insolvency in various jurisdictions across Europe.

They praised the members of the insolvency industry for their resilience and capacity to adapt to the various challenges the pandemic presented over the last 2 years and geared the program towards helping them return to normal in this rapidly changing profession. Over 350 delegates from all areas of the insolvency and asset recovery industry came together to discuss the cross-border opportunities and challenges faced by those working to collectively help make crypto asset recovery tangible internationally.

A lot of the talks concentrated on the impact of both Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, but the theme of the congress as a whole was dominated by the current situation in Ukraine with both the former and current presidents of INSOL reminding the attendees in their closing remarks not to stay silent while reaffirming their sympathy and support for the people of Ukraine.

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