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International Compliance Association Live: Africa

Our Co-Founder & CEO Aidan Larkin was invited to speak at the ICA Live: Africa on 27th October. He spoke about asset recovery and the challenges and opportunities presented by crypto assets.

Since its foundation in 2001, the ICA has been the leading professional body for the regulation of the financial crime prevention industry. They provide education and specialised training for the international compliance community, allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively in the fight against financial crime.

The ICA Live: Africa virtual event takes place over 27-29th October. It gathers together industry leading professionals to explore the recent developments and challenges facing the African financial crime community. Aidan discussed the impact that cryptocurrency and virtual assets like NFTs are having on asset recovery in Africa. These new technologies are being adopted by criminals at an unprecedented rate, presenting both challenges and opportunities for law enforcement and asset recovery professionals around the world.

Other topics being covered at the ICA Live: Africa event are:

• The Evolution of Compliance

• Tech: Is there a Risk of Falling Behind?

• Data Privacy and Cyber Security

• Fighting Bribery and Corruption: Kleptocracy and State Capture

• Green Crime: Intel to Action

• Human Smuggling, Trafficking & Modern Slavery

• Free Trade Zones, Illicit Finance and Financial Crime Risk

• How to build a strong ethics programme

You can purchase tickets for this event using this link:

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