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IPA Learning: Intangible Asset Recovery with Aidan Larkin

Updated: Feb 24

On 15th December Aidan Larkin, Co-Founder & CEO, is teaching a workshop for asset recovery practitioners. He will be exploring the rise of cryptocurrency and digital assets, the challenges they pose for law enforcement and the global approaches to crypto asset recovery.

• What are virtual currencies and why does it matter to me?

• What are the challenges for Asset Recovery practitioners (legal and practical)

• How is it investigated and seized/recovered?

• What are the options for Management & Realisation of seized crypto?

• How have other countries/entities faced this challenge?

The IPA is an organisation for those in insolvency practice or involved in insolvency-related work. They license and regulate these industry professionals in the UK under insolvency and anti-money laundering regulations, working to raise professional standards through training, benchmarking, networking and best practice sharing. The IPA currently has around 2000 members and students, both individual and business. It is the largest of the four recognised professional bodies identified for the purposes of authorising and regulating insolvency practitioners in the UK.

You can book your space using this link:

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