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Met Police Seize Record £180m of Cryptocurrency in London

A new record has been set for the largest seizure of cryptocurrency in the UK with The Met Police recently seizing £180m worth of cryptocurrency linked to money laundering in London; breaking the previous record of £114m.

‍ Last year, the total amount recovered through confiscations and forfeitures across all asset categories was £208m. In stark contrast, over £300m of just cryptocurrency has been seized by The Met Police in the last few months alone!

The economic opportunities presented by seizing and taxing crypto assets are too great for governments and enforcement agencies globally to ignore.

Asset Reality is proud to support the recovery of cryptocurrency and complex assets around the world. We hope that more government agencies and civil recovery practitioners will realise the importance of correctly seizing cryptocurrency assets, for both victims and creditors alike.

If you would like to learn more about the work that we do, please get in touch at

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