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New Appointment Announcement - Chief Operations Officer

Updated: Feb 24

We are delighted to announce that Connor Filley will be joining the Asset Reality team as our Chief Operations Officer. He’ll be helping us deliver cutting-edge technology to improve asset recovery and management techniques worldwide.

Born, raised, and residing in San Diego, California, Connor is an Operational Leader who has spent the last decade working in the technology sector.

He began his operational career at Uber, serving in multiple roles ranging from Driver Operations and Customer Experience, to scaling their New Mobility offerings with JUMP bikes and scooters.

After leaving Uber in 2020, Connor entered the world of business consulting at a boutique firm. While consulting, he led the firm's initiatives to introduce new technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality into the enterprise workspace. He specialised in using these and other tools to improve multiple clients' internal operations and HR strategies.

From there, Connor served as Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Operations at two Series A startups, where he was responsible for building a comprehensive business strategy, culture, customer experience and business development.

When asked, Connor stated he was “ecstatic to be joining Asset Reality” at such a pivotal moment for the industry:

“We are nearing the anticipated inflection points that Web3 and digital assets will hit. With that inflection point will come a need for better infrastructure to support recovery efforts, growing at an exponential rate. At Asset Reality, we are laying the foundation to continue to be the industry leaders in this sector.”

Our co-founder & CEO Aidan Larkin was equally thrilled to welcome Connor to the team:

“I’m delighted Connor has chosen to join Asset Reality as our Chief Operating Officer. His extensive background leading complex technology projects at prestigious tech start-ups like Uber has given him a unique perspective that will help to shape our internal vision & strategy.”

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