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New Appointment Announcement - Chief of Victims Division

We are delighted to announce that Terry Davies will be joining the Asset Reality team as our Chief of the Victims Division. He’ll be helping us to develop the products and initiatives that will make the crypto ecosystem safer for victims of crypto-related fraud. Terry began his career in banking, working primarily on joint venture motor finance initiatives with the Forward Trust and the Bank of Scotland. After 15 years, he decided to take the plunge into public service and joined the Merseyside Police Force in his hometown of Liverpool. He served as a Detective Chief Inspector for over 20 years, working to protect Liverpool’s most vulnerable members of society across various Criminal Investigation Departments (CID) including Liverpool Investigations, Covert Intelligence, Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) and Domestic Violence.

During his service, he worked alongside acclaimed international experts from within both the public and private sectors; including officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA), Financial Crime Agency (FCA), National Health Service (NHS), US Secret Service and Europol. Thanks to his passion for improving the prevention of financial crime, Terry was given command of the Merseyside Police’s Economic Crime Team which incorporated a Proceeds of Crime Unit, a Complex Fraud Investigation Unit and a Financial Abuse Safeguarding Hub. This team was responsible for bringing down criminals of all kinds, from incredibly complex international organised crime operations to powerful individuals abusing positions of trust to take financial advantage of the vulnerable. Through his work with the Safeguarding Hub, Terry was able to provide practical support and advice to thousands of fraud victims; punish organised crime groups on the local, national and international stages; and return millions of stolen money back to the rightful owners and the public purse. Terry’s Proceeds of Crime Unit was instrumental in supporting the NCA with Operation Venetic, a major investigation into the encrypted communications platform EncroChat. This operation resulted in the destruction of several organised crime groups in their entirety, nearly 750 arrests and the seizure of more than £2m worth of cash, guns and drugs. For the last 7 years, Terry has been volunteering his time to work as a nationally accredited Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, a Negotiator Coordinator for the force and a Counter Terrorism Negotiator. Terry is looking forward to helping us build the tools needed to protect those who need it most:

“I have always seen collaborative working as the key to obtaining the best results for victims of crime. After 22 years in the Merseyside Police, it’s great to be back in the private sector to help the Asset Reality team put victims first and develop products and initiatives for victims of fraud involving digital assets. Fraud is fraud; whether it’s a Bitcoin or a Bentley we must improve our response and tackle this rapidly growing problem.” Our co-founder & CEO Aidan Larkin is delighted to be adding another gifted member to the team: “I’m so grateful that another exceptionally talented professional has chosen to join us at Asset Reality. Terry’s incredible experience in helping vulnerable victims of fraud in Liverpool will help us build out better processes and solutions for the victims of crimes involving crypto.”

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