New Partner Appointment: Chief Technology Officer

Louise Crockett

We are delighted to announce that Nick Furneaux has joined Asset Reality as a Partner.

Nick is our Chief Technology Officer at Asset Reality, he is a Computer Security and Forensic specialist with a number of high profile computer forensic investigations including fraud, murder, assault, child protection and terrorism. Nick consults and trains Corporates, Police Forces and other agencies all over the world including UK/Europe, Asia and the USA. His primary experience is in live data acquisition and analysis of volatile data including forensic investigation of RAM. In 2018 he authored Investigating Cryptocurrencies, currently the only book available on the subject of investigating crimes involving Cryptocurrencies.

Speaking of the appointment, Aidan Larkin (Partner and Chief Executive) commented, “I'm thrilled to share that Nick has now joined us as Chief Technology Officer to develop our offering further and reach our goals to help Governments & Receivers navigate the complex world of seized assets, from consulting & advising to hands on asset management. Nick is the go-to expert, hacker extraordinaire (the good kind) and author of "Investigating Cryptocurrencies" - quite literally the man that wrote the book on the subject. His company CSITech has provided crypto training to every leading agency from the US to NZ. They were the experts and the people that provided expert assistance to our team in successfully delivering the world's first series of live, seized crypto auctions for forces in Belgium & UK.

Working with our crypto partners Chainalysis Inc. and network of best-in-class digital custodians, we will continue to make complex asset realisation easier and more accessible for the public & private sectors."

Nick said of his appointment, "Delighted to be assisting Aidan Larkin in the technical development of his company Asset Reality. Asset Reality will be working with governments globally on the seizure and storage of crypto-assets (amongst other things) and this is a logical addition to my investigative and training role at CSITech Ltd."

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New Partner Appointment: Chief Technology Officer

We are delighted to announce that Nick Furneaux has joined Asset Reality as a Partner, as Chief Technology Officer

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