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OffshoreAlert vGlobal 2021 - How to Investigate and Recover Crypto with CSITech and Asset Reality

Updated: Feb 24

The Asset Reality team will be represented at OffshoreAlert vGlobal 2021 with back-to-back talks on 9th December by Aidan Larkin, our Co-Founder and CEO, and Nick Furneaux, our CTO and the managing director of our strategic investigations partner, CSITech.

Nick’s talk will focus on the investigation techniques for crypto disputes, while Aidan’s talk will be focused on the asset recovery techniques for virtual assets, such as cryptocurrency and NFTs.

5:00 - 5:45pm

How to Investigate Crypto

Daniel Burget (BDO USA), Ethan McMahon (Chainalysis), Nick Furneaux (CSITech & Asset Reality)

5:45 - 6:00pm

How to Recover Crypto

Aidan Larkin (Asset Reality), Daniel Coyle (Sequor Law), Syedur Rahman (Rahman Ravelli)

The OffshoreAlert vGlobal virtual conference is a 5 day event covering the latest tools and techniques to help intelligence, investigation and recovery professionals increase their chances of success.

Each day of the conference is themed around a different element of high-value international finance; Offshore, Investigations, Recovery and Crypto. The event boasts both live and on-demand sessions, interactive booths and vast networking opportunities with clients, investors and law enforcement investigators.

OffshortAlert was launched in 1997 to provide investigative intelligence on international financial crime. They examine court documents, regulations and other sources for red flags as well as holding virtual and in-person events discussing the latest developments in intelligence, investigations and recovery.

Don’t miss either talk to learn about the current landscape of the crypto sphere.

You can purchase tickets using this link:

If you would like to know more about our work in asset recovery and crypto-related disputes, contact

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