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The 16th Annual London Fraud Forum Conference

Updated: Feb 24

Our co-founder & CEO Aidan Larkin has been invited to moderate a panel discussion on crypto assets and the blockchain at the London Fraud Forum’s 16th annual conference next week. He’ll be joined by Racheal Muldoon, a barrister at The 36 Group, Danielle Haston, the Head of Global Asset Management at our partner Chainalysis and Michael Corcione, a Principal of Cybersecurity and Privacy at accounting firm PKF O'Connor Davies. The panel will discuss the basics of complex digital assets like cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how criminals are using them for fraudulent activities. Using the latest market research, they’ll explain how investigators are using advancements in blockchain technology to understand the threat this new asset class poses to financial crime prevention. The panel will also explore how cryptocurrency exchanges, marketplaces and forums could be doing more to prevent their platforms from being used to defraud vulnerable people; as well as answering common questions like:

  • Are NFTs just digital pictures of Monkeys or are they receipts?

  • What is NFT fraud?

  • What can you do when your crypto has been stolen?

If you’d like to join us at 11:55AM on Thursday 20th October for this panel discussion, you can register for tickets here. The London Fraud Forum was formed in 2006 to promote a more open and collaborative culture amongst the UK’s leading anti-fraud voices in both the public and private sectors. Through its many conferences, seminars and networking events, it provides its members with the space to share their experiences, opinions and ideas to advance the fight against financial crime. View the conferences’ full agenda here.

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