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The De-Fi Conference 2022 in Belfast

Updated: Feb 24

Last week, our co-founder & CEO Aidan Larkin travelled all the way to his hometown of Belfast to share his thoughts on the safety of decentralised finance for with the international audience of the De-Fi Conference 2022. ‍

Aidan’s first appearance of the day was for a panel discussion moderated by Adam Morgan McCarthy a reporter at The Block, a news site focused on digital assets. He discussed whether it was possible to make decentralised finance safe for investors with Kevin Murcko, the founder of cryptocurrency exchange Coinmetro, Johnny McCamley, founder & CEO of crypto education specialist CryptoClear and Mark Tully, the Institutional Sales Director of Web3 at blockchain technology expert Qredo. Later that afternoon, Aidan followed up with a standalone presentation covering the ways to protect yourself when investing money into a decentralised financial system by purchasing cryptocurrency, NFTs or items in the metaverse.

De-Fi Conference 2022 took place at the iconic Titanic Hotel in the Northern Irish capital of Belfast. It is the first conference of its kind in Ireland to place a sole focus on digital finance products like cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. The conference had a mix of events, talks and panels aimed at professionals working to shape the future of digital currencies, assets or the blockchain. There were speakers from all four corners of the globe, including many of the industry’s leading voices from the UK & Ireland. Aidan was bursting with local pride to see the island of Ireland hosting these types of tech events: “It’s one thing to talk at an interesting conference but it gets even more special when that conference is in your hometown! I’m delighted to see such a fantastic lineup of international panellists and attendees descending on the best little city in the world."

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