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The Institute: Navigating the New Normal - The Changing Face of Financial Crime

During the Covid-19 pandemic, criminals have been expanding the various methods used to conceal, launder or move their illicit funds. The ability to understand these new financial crime typologies is vital as we begin to approach a post-pandemic recovery world.

The Institute of Money Laundering Prevention Officers was founded in 2001 to help keep their members up-to-date with the ever-changing environment of financial crime prevention. They work with both public and private sector representatives from across the regulated sector to monitor the evolving trends and issues.

These representatives include regulators, supervisors, legislators and law enforcement agencies. They are one of the UK’s longest standing anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention member organisations, celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year.

The 20th anniversary conference took place this week in Manchester over 14-15th October with the theme: ‘Navigating the new normal - the changing face of financial crime. It brought together industry leading professionals from both the public and private sector to discuss the newest challenges facing the financial crime prevention community.

Delegates came from all areas of the regulated sector; such as financial services firms, lawyers, accountants, gambling and gaming organisations, money services businesses and high value goods dealers. The conference was chaired by Emma Radmore, the legal director of Womble Bond Dickinson.

Aidan Larkin (Co-Founder & CEO) was invited to speak about the future of asset recovery, particularly for complex assets like cryptocurrency. Speaking after the event, he said:

“I’m delighted to have been invited to speak at the Institute for Money Laundering Prevention Officers today in-person in Manchester about the future of asset recovery. The challenges for asset recovery are only increasing, especially when dealing with complex assets such as cryptocurrency. The more professionals in this sector can collaborate and innovate together, the better the results will be for victims and creditors.”

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