Paul Mylvaganam

Chief Learning Officer

As Chief Learning Officer, Paul leads the Programme Management and Educational Capacity Building programmes at Asset Reality. His role includes policy, regulatory and institutional framework reviews which support Asset Reality’s mission of improving effectiveness in Asset Recovery for the benefit of society and victims of crime.

A graduate of Oxford University, Paul also holds an LLM in International Criminal Law, from Sussex University, where he specialised in international corruption for his masters degree.

Prior to his current management and programme design role with Asset Reality, Paul practised for over two decades as a trial attorney (Barrister) at the UK criminal Bar, both prosecuting and defending. He was engaged as trial counsel in a number of the biggest terrorist and corruption trials in the UK, including the ‘Oil for Food’ Sanctions case, which had complex ancillary, asset seizure recovery hearings. He has appeared in over thirty major asset recovery (AR) cases and conducted well over a hundred AML related hearings. Over the last three years, Paul has been working as Consultant/Senior Technical Adviser to the UK Foreign Office- Conflict, Security and Stabilisation (CSSF) Programme advising on two jurisdictions in Asia. He was simultaneously appointed to act as a Consultant to a UK Mission in North Africa advising on capacity building in the field of anti-corruption and asset recovery. Paul has also worked closely with the senior UK judiciary in organising international conferences as well as with the US Department of Justice and with senior legislative drafters from the UK House of Commons and UNODC and STAR ( World Bank). Having worked in many challenging conflict and post conflict zones, Paul brings to the table a practical knowledge of project management.

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Paul Mylvaganam

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