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From asset management to consulting and training, find out a little more about what we can offer below.
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Asset Management

Our experienced network of practitioners both investigate, recover, manage and realise every category of asset imaginable; including cryptocurrencies and other complex assets.

Asset Reality can help you navigate the challenges of effective asset recovery by designing and implementing bespoke, sustainable strategies for maximising revenue whilst minimising costs.

How it works

We manage the entire process on your behalf by utilising a trusted network of best-in-class custodians, auctioneers and estate agents.

Our bespoke case management system enables you to track in real time, each stage of the realisation process by both keeping you both informed and up to date - no more chasing case updates or querying sales information.

Our costs and that of the agents are deducted as a sales commission, ensuring we are all incentivised to get you the highest price for your assets. The economies of scale achieved by using a managed agent approach means your pricing is more competitive than one-off instructions to multiple agents.

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Consisting of UN consultants, lawyers, corporate bankers, experienced asset managers and cryptocurrency investigators, our diverse team provides both technical and infrastructure reviews for public and private sector agencies around the world.

From expert witness statements in cryptocurrency cases to audits of asset management functionality, we utilise our experience to make asset recovery effective and tackle corruption and support fraud investigations across the globe.


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver capacity building and demonstrable results through our bespoke training whilst sharing international best practice, in line with FATF and United Nations recommendations on effective asset management and recovery. Our highly sought-after multilingual network of experienced consultants provides training to the international law enforcement community and insolvency sectors.

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