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The Seized Crypto Asset Company

An end-to-end solution for recovering, managing and realising seized crypto & complex assets.

The world's first dedicated Asset Manager for seized crypto assets. Trusted by government agencies and insolvency practitioners around the world, we deal with every category of digital and physical asset, on your behalf.

Our online portal delivers the world's first bespoke case management system for seized assets. Get in touch to learn more or arrange a demo

We make the process of recovering, managing and selling seized assets easier through building bespoke asset management solutions that maximise returns whilst minimising costs.  Ranging from crypto investigations to managing complex assets, our mission is to make Asset Recovery more effective for victims and society.

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Asset Management & Recovery
We investigate, recover, manage and realise every category of asset imaginable...
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Our experienced team is here to make asset recovery effective globally whether its expert witness statements in crypto investigations or building enforcement infrastructure...
One to one teaching between workers
We offer bespoke training in line with FATF and UN recommendations on effective asset management and recovery including recovering and managing crypto assets...
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The Institute: Navigating the new normal - the changing face of financial crime
Aidan Larkin (Co-Founder & CEO) was invited to speak at ‘The Institute’ for Money Laundering Prevention Officers about the future of Asset Recovery.
Written By
Louise Bryant
RUSI's CFCS: The Role of Private Sector Actors in Asset Recovery
Aidan Larkin (Co-Founder & CEO) speaks at the RUSI Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies panel on the role of the private sector in the fight against criminal proceeds.
Written By
Louise Bryant
Paris Pact Expert Working Group: Virtual Assets and the Opiate Trade: a new threat?
Aidan Larkin (Co-Founder & CEO) was invited to give a presentation to the UNODC Paris Pact Initiative members on the impact of cryptocurrency and virtual assets on the illicit opiate trade.
Written By
Louise Bryant