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The Seized Asset Company

An end-to-end solution for recovering, managing and realising seized assets globally.

The world's first dedicated Asset Manager for seized assets. Trusted by government agencies and insolvency practitioners around the world, we deal with every category of digital and physical asset.

Ranging from crypto investigations to managing complex assets, our mission is to make Asset Recovery effective for victims and society. We make the process of recovering, managing and selling seized assets easier through building bespoke asset management solutions that maximise returns whilst minimising costs. 

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Asset Management
We investigate, recover, manage and realise every category of asset imaginable...
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Our experienced team is here to make asset recovery effective globally...
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We offer bespoke training in line with FATF and UN recommendations on effective asset management and recovery...
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Read our latest news and keep up-to-date with all that’s happening in the world of both asset recovery, asset management and asset realisation

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Free Webinar: A beginners guide to staying safe in the world of cryptocurrency
On the 10th August, Asset Reality and the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales will be hosting a panel discussion about staying safe online in the world of crypto.
Written By
Louise Bryant
Ukraine's bill on Asset Recovery & Management Agency - an act of self-sabotage or self-preservation?
Aidan Larkin (Co-Founder & CEO) shares his opinion on the recent passing of a bill in Ukraine that limits ARMA's ability to sell seized assets until the final court decision.
Written By
Aidan Larkin
Met Police seize record £180m of cryptocurrency in London
The Met Police set a new record for cryptocurrency seizure in the UK.
Written By
Louise Bryant