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We lay the groundwork for business, government and law enforcement by making seized asset management simple, effective and
more impactful.

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$2 trillion lost to crime every year

Of this less than 1% of assets are recovered globally.

Millions of users and thousands of agencies around the world manage seized assets with spreadsheets and legacy IT systems.

The price of getting it wrong means more harm in society, less funding for public services, and non-compliance with international standards.

The Seized Asset Landscape

Mistakes are catastrophic and most organisations don’t have the training or software to perform safe asset seizure.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has made it a priority for 2023 and beyond to improve global asset recovery, but the majority of countries lack the necessary frameworks.

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The Asset Reality Lifecycle

Seize, Manage & Liquidate

Manage your asset portfolios through a client controlled on-premise implementation or a Saas offering (AWS cloud).


Obtain the world’s first Seized Asset Management and Digital Asset Recovery certifications.


Ensure compliance with FATF Mutual Evaluations by commissioning Asset Reality to assess and advise you.

What sets us apart

Extensive Asset Coverage

We’re the only provider that covers both physical and digital assets, everything from cars, boats, and planes, to cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs.

Flexible & Agnostic

Our independence allows us to integrate our platform with your chosen custody and liquidation partners, blockchain analytics tools, auction houses, and valuers.

Expert Team

Beyond software, our advantage lies in our deep understanding of the asset forfeiture recovery process.

End-to-end Support

We recognise that assets aren’t just waiting to be seized and that legal and regulatory frameworks and procedures need to be in place to maximise chances of recovery.

"We manage a diverse range of seized assets daily for law enforcement. Asset Reality provides us with support, full token coverage and flexible custody and liquidation options - all in a fully secure and auditable platform"
Jean-Michel Verelst
Director of the Belgian Central Office for Seizure and Confiscation (ARO)

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Lawyers, Investigators, and Insolvency Practitioners: secure assets, hold funds in escrow, and maximise returns for victims and creditors.