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The growth of Digital Assets is also the growth of criminal efforts.  The recovery, seizure and custody of those digital assets saw a significant shift from what was once an obscure back room effort, to a tech driven asset recovery management workflow.  

Asset Reality facilitates a seamless Asset Recovery solution for Law Enforcement, while making crypto customer service a turn key solution for compliance conscious firms.

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Asset Recovery-as-a-Service

Public Sector:


ARMS is the worlds first cloud platform solution designed by ex-Law Enforcement and Asset Recovery Practitioners that delivers an end-to-end asset management solution to track and audit portfolios of seized assets.

ARMS is supported by Operation Archangel, an academy that upskills, retools, and teaches the very latest in crypto crime for new recruits, or long standing decorated personnel.

Private Sector:


Our Asset Recovery Customer Services (ARCS) provides compliance conscious firms with a turn key customer service desk the moment a customer discovers they are a victim of fraud involving crypto.

We facilitate the entire user journey from initial receipt of your customer’s reported fraud to conclusion of your customer’s asset recovery process that is efficient and empathetic allowing victims of fraud to report crime, and gain control of the asset recovery process. 

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