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Revolutionising Seized Assets
on the Global Stage

Asset Reality aims to propel seized asset recovery & management processes into a new digital age by providing corporate, government & law enforcement agencies with specialised tools & insights.


The Problem

Despite the billions of dollars confiscated every year, seized asset management processes are still stuck in the past.


Practitioners are forced to use complicated excel spreadsheets, lengthy manual processes and ancient legacy systems to manage everything from Bitcoins and Birkin bags to Brownstones and Bentleys.

With criminal activity involving digital assets on the rise; both victims and agencies in the public and private sectors are left struggling to find solutions.

Our Solution

Asset Reality’s bespoke seized asset management software empowers corporate, government & law enforcement agencies with specialist tools & insights designed to improve seized asset management processes; making them faster, easier and cheaper.


Built by experts in both digital & physical asset seizure, our services significantly reduce the wasted labour hours spent manually recovering & managing seized assets; especially when dealing with complex assets like cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) & other digital assets.

A woman sitting by her computer in a trading room

Why Are We Here?

The existing asset recovery system only recovers about 1% of criminal proceeds globally, with the emergence of digital assets only adding more complexity to those efforts.
We have developed software built to improve the analogue processes of recovering, managing and selling seized assets that utilises blockchain technology to make it easier, faster and cheaper for corporate, government and law enforcement agencies to recover more value for victims and wider society.

Aidan Larkin - Asset Reality Co-Founder & CEO

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