Asset Reality Joins the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime

Lo Furneaux
Digital Content & Operations Coordinator

Asset Reality is proud to announce that we have been invited to join the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime.

Established in 2018, the GCFFC aims to become the foremost global platform for addressing economic crimes by uniting key stakeholders to identify vulnerabilites in the current systems, advocate for substanial policy reforms and strengthen global anti-money laundering efforts.

Earlier this week, our co-founder & CEO Aidan Larkin had the opportunity to attend the coalition’s inaugural in-person event at the INTERPOL headquarters in LYON. He listened to a number of presentations from passionate financial crime fighters, gaining important insights into the pivotal work being carried out in their jurisdictions. Aidan also had the chance to connect with the leadership teams of the coalition's regional chapters and working groups and other 'friends-of-the-GCFFC,’ as well as representatives from it’s member organisations: 

  • Atlantic Council
  • Basel Institute on Governance
  • Crime Stoppers International
  • European Association of Corporate Treasurers
  • FinTech FinCrime Exchange
  • The Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing
  • Freedom Seal
  • Global Financial Integrity
  • Interpol
  • MENA Financial Crime Compliance Group
  • Open Ownership
  • Rani’s Voice
  • Refinitiv
  • Royal United Services Institute
  • The Sentry
  • Western Union
  • World Economic Forum

Aidan was full of enthusiasm for the important work ahead when asked about the appointment after the coalition’s first in-inperson event hosted at INTERPOL Lyon:

“Listening to John Cusack, Che Sidanius and the rest of the coalition speak yesterday was genuinely inspiring. The coalition’s mission is clear and I'm enthused by how frank and honest everyone is about the scale of the challenges but also the opportunity and positive impact we can have, if we get it right.”
“Recovering 1% of illicit finance is simply not good enough for society… This is an emergency, not something we can shuffle along from one year to the next and pay lip service to.”
“I’m incredibly proud to say that Asset Reality has now joined the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime. We can't wait to put our shoulder to the wheel and help drive change alongside this incredible network.”

GCFFC co-founder Che Sidanus drew inspiration from the individuals committed to advancing the Coalition's ambitious goals alongside their ongoing responsibilties:

“It was inspiring to meet in-person and hear first hand of the incredible work currently underway and share our planned ambitions going forward… the GCFFC stands ready to do our part to raise awareness on this important issue.”

The Coalition’s global chair John Cusack echoed a similar sentiment on Linkedin, emphasizing the need for a change in focus:

“This weeks Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime in person meeting in Lyon hosted by INTERPOL felt different… The GCFFC believe [that] we need to evolve beyond ‘maintaining the integrity of the financial system’ as the main goal of international efforts which serves to focus ever more effort on compliance and instead onto desired outcomes and to be clear what these are. There is time to readjust.” 

If you want to know more about our solution to streamline seized asset recovery & management, please contact or visit the Asset Reality website.

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