Seized assets. Solved.

The world’s first solution for the seizure, management and disposal of seized assets.

Our software and services will allow you to confidently manage traditional and digital assets.

If you have a seized asset, Asset Reality has the solution.


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$2 trillion lost to crime every year

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has prioritised global asset recovery but many countries still rely on spreadsheets and legacy IT systems to manage their seized assets.

This means that less than 1% of criminal proceeds are recovered every year; resulting in more harm to society, less funding for public services and non-compliance with international standards.

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Solutions for Seized Asset Management

Asset Reality’s software replaces outdated and ineffective legacy infrastructures with a one-stop solution that optimises and streamlines the seizure, management and disposal of physical and digital assets. Our secure tools will enhance your user experience at any stage of the asset recovery lifecycle, allowing you to seamlessly collect data-driven insights and maximise financial returns for the victims of crime.


The Asset Reality Lifecycle

Seize, Manage & Liquidate

Manage your asset portfolios through a client controlled on-premise implementation or a SaaS offering (AWS cloud).


Obtain the world’s first Seized Asset Management and Digital Asset Recovery certifications.


Ensure compliance with FATF Mutual Evaluations by commissioning Asset Reality to assess and advise you.

Our unique value

Comprehensive Coverage

We are the only global provider offering an end-to-end solution for the seizure, management and disposal of physical and digital assets without minimum value requirements.

End-to-End Support

From handling complex assets to converting them into real-world value, our tailored software and services will support you through every step of the asset recovery process.

Specialist Onboarding

Our advantage is not just software but our understanding of the process: we’ve investigated, seized, managed and recovered billions in assets with over 230 years of combined hands-on experience.

Flexible Integrations

Though we serve as a custodian, our independence allows us to seamlessly integrate with your existing custody partners, blockchain analytics tools, and valuation services.

Trusted Experience

We are often the only private sector company invited to participate in government hearings and regulatory commissions on seized assets.

Streamlined Analytics

Our data-driven reporting and centralised document management system offer real-time tracking of assets and their returns, ensuring full auditability, transparency, and accountability.

"We manage a diverse range of seized assets daily for law enforcement. Asset Reality provides us with support, full token coverage and flexible custody and liquidation options - all in a fully secure and auditable platform"
Jean-Michel Verelst
Director of the Belgian Central Office for Seizure and Confiscation (ARO)

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