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Asset Reality's Startup Journey with the Ignite Podcast

Lo Furneaux
Digital Content & Operations Coordinator

Earlier this week, our co-founder & CEO Aidan Larkin sat down with Brian Bell, General Partner at Team Ignite Ventures and host of the Ignite Podcast to explore our start-up journey, the transformative potential of technology, and our mission to enhance global asset recovery.

Episode Breakdown

0:25 - Asset Reality’s Mission

Asset Reality aims to transform how governments manage confiscated criminal, physical and digital assets, including houses, cars or even cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), by pioneering state-of-the-art software solutions designed to address the deficiencies in existing government asset management systems.

1:50 - Aidan’s Background in Criminal Investigation

Aidan describes how his background in criminal investigation provided him with firsthand insight into the unique challenges faced by asset recovery practitioners when dealing with seized assets and emphasizes the need to empower governments with advanced tools to enhance the recovery and management of these assets. 

5:45 - Aidan’s Experiences with Proceeds of Crime Funding

Aidan reflects on his upbringing in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, highlighting how an opportunity to participate in a program funded by the proceeds of crime as a child had a profound effect on his perspective and motivation to contribute to society.

12:55 - Asset Reality’s Streamlined Focus

Aidan explains that complications with the overly manual management of cryptocurrency cases identified a need for a proper central management system across all asset classes.

19:35 - Techstars Accelerator Experience

Aidan stresses the importance of participating in accelerator programmes like Techstars for validating your business idea and expanding your network of fellow founders

26:45 - The Blockchain and Illicit Crypto

Aidan delves into the role of blockchain technology in asset traceability and notes that while the blockchain has been used for criminal activities, law enforcement is catching up, as seen by recent record-breaking seizures of illicit cryptocurrencies.

39:31 - Customer Discovery Process

Aidan discusses Asset Reality's approach to customer discovery, emphasising the importance of avoiding excessive product development before engaging with users to uncover their genuine needs and preferences.

43:03 - Contributions and Knowledge Sharing

Aidan highlights his proactive role in sharing insights through articles, conferences, and interviews to disseminate knowledge, establish credibility, and stay informed about industry trends. He passionately encourages fellow founders to maintain a sense of curiosity and consistently immerse themselves in relevant information to drive progress in their respective sectors.

48:32 - Passion for Social Impact

Aidan underscores his commitment to social impact, describing his collaborative efforts with charities to help them access Proceeds of Crime funding from seized assets. His overarching goal is to enhance the recovery of these assets to ensure more resources are channelled back into society for the betterment of local communities.

54:09 Quick Fire Questions

In a rapid-fire round, Brian questions Aidan about his most impactful books and podcasts, his dream dinner party with Elvis Presley and his not-so-hidden talents for Karaoke and cold water swimming.

If you want to know more about our solution to streamline seized asset recovery & management, please contact or visit the Asset Reality website.

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